Tuesday, October 24, 2006

2 Meals

Last night I sat at a table full of friends, devoured some good barbecue, and caught up on each other's lives. We gathered to listen to passionate people speak of God's Kingdom and were inspired by their desire to reach lost kids in Arlington. The testimonies given and generosity displayed were humbling to say the least. What an incredible night for Young Life and for all those who attended. Did I mention we had barbecue??

Today I had lunch with a encouraging peer. What was supposed to be a brief hi and bye meal turned into a two-hour "wow-Lord-you're-amazing" kinda thing. What began as our usual Cowboys talk suddenly took on the form of two ordinary guys sharing their hearts for people and how to reach them with the love of Christ, dreaming of what could be in our own community of faith.

Two meals (Spring Creek and Quizno's). Two holy experiences.

Matt Chandler says there is something very very holy about doing dinner with people. There truly is something remarkable and intimate about feasting with friends who sharpen you just with their presence. I thoroughly enjoy sharing extended meals with friends and the conversations that ensue over fajitas and sweat tea. It should come as no surprise that the earliest Christian community shared a table together on a regular, almost daily basis. Meal time=good time. Meal time=Christ time. Thank you Lord for blessing my life with barbecue, friends, and the work of your Holy Spirit.
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pic of the day (from Emily):

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Below are words I shared for part of Cayce and Matt's wedding ceremony:
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I found it very appropriate that Madison escorted Cayce down the aisle. How humbling was it to watch "their little team" walk into this moment today. For about the last 8 years, that is what they have been, a team. Cayce and Madison have walked a tough, tough road, one that we hope few will ever have to tread. And they have done so together, just the two of them. Until today.

I want to read a few words from that Paul that seem fitting, both for the peace they have provided in the past, and for the truth they hold today.

"But as surely as God is faithful, our message to you is not 'Yes' and 'No.' For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who was preached among you by me and Silas and Timothy, was not 'Yes' and 'No,' but in him it has always been a 'Yes.' For no matter how many promises God has made, they are 'Yes' in Christ."
1 Corinthians 1:18-20a

Paul tells us that regardless of circumstance or situation, with Christ, everything is a "Yes."

Matt, we want you to know that you are the "Yes" our family has prayed for for a long time. I stand here today with out one shred of doubt, confident that you are the result of a faithful God, truly an answer to prayer.

Thank you for loving Cayce so well, and especially loving Madison enough to be be her dad. You make them both so happy, and our family could not be happier for you. We love you.
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Friday, October 13, 2006

The Thorton's

Pics from Cayce and Matty's wedding last weekend at Common Ford's Ranch in Austin.
Mom and Aunt Dana at Rehersal Dinner
(Nutty Brown Cafe in Dripping Springs) Emily and I

Common Ford's Ranch



Siblings and Sibling-in-laws

Pretty girl, pretty place

Kyle and Jessica

Waiting with Madison

Sweet Madison

The Thorton's leaving

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Proposal Pictures

Here are some pictures, finally.
Our special place at Love Field
She said yes
The Williams' men inspection
I like this one
Our families
I'm having problems getting two more pics up here. I'll try later.
March 17th...here we come!