Tuesday, January 23, 2007

53 days...

It has been awhile since I posted (my bad) and much as transpired in that time:

- An insane period of about three weeks traveling to Boerne for Christmas and Emily's birthday, then to Austin to see my family, back to Arlington, then to WinterPark for a very fun Young Life Ski Trip where I got snowed in for 2 extra days and missed being with Emily on our 1 year anniversary (she had left early to go to Phoenix for Kim's wedding), then back to Grapevine, then back to Colorado Springs that same day for the National Conference on Youth Ministry, and then finally back home. Fun times though for sure.

- Another crazy Young Life trip, this one a Polar Bear weekend to Huntsville of all places, that was almost extended by icy weather and bad roads, thus keeping me here. Emily and crew made it home safe though.

- A strange period of a week and a half where the sun failed to show its face the temperature hovered around 30. Lots of ice and a few snow days to boot.

- A weekend at Winterfest with the youth group. We saw some old friends and had a great time with my kids.

As Emily and I look ahead there is much excitement/busyness looming, as showers, retreats, family visits, YL/church events, and trips have consumed every weekend until the wedding. I'm looking forward to it all though, and sit a mere 53 days away from marriage. Absolutely can't wait.
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pic of the day, Martin Young Life Christmas Card: