Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Grown Up

One of my favorite things about holidays is getting to hang out with my brother Kyle. Anytime we get to chill, especially back in Abilene, nostalgic memories of growing up fill my mind. Images rise thick of us playing ball in the driveway, laughing with friends into the early hours of the morning, watching big games and telling "mostly" true stories the way we only can.

Last week our family spent a day at that ranch where Kyle works. Much of it was just us being kids again. We drove a dune-buggie across the rugged west Texas bluffs, shot guns at a mound of dirt, and grilled over an open mesquite fire. One of the best holidays I've had in some time.

The last few years Kyle has lived far away, and our time together has dwindled. But the reason I look forward to those days is because that's when the Lord has brought real moments of clarity to me; times when He reveals to me all He is doing in and through my brother. The independent and adventuresome one in the family never ceases to amaze me at by reminding me how unique Chris manifests himself in his people. Gifts of conversation, laughter, and intention seep from Kyle's person, infecting the lives positioned next to his in subtle but powerful ways.
And behind it all is the Creator. Moving, stirring, giving life to and through my younger brother. Growing him, growing me, humbly teaching us to live like Christ.
- - - - - - -