Saturday, May 26, 2007


I like to travel. Especially when it is to see Emily. In fact, I've probably traveled more in the past 18 months than I have the previous 18 years (yeah for frequent flyer miles).

Tomorrow I'm going to Colorado for a week for Emily's assignment at Frontier Ranch. It's a bittersweet deal because while I'm excited about spending a week alongside her working with the summer staff, reality will sweep in as I fly home next Saturday knowing we won't see eachother for another 3 weeks. Stinks.

However, a good friend reminded me this week how great time apart can be. What he meant by that was that even though it's tough when you're away, it makes coming home to each other that much better. You appreciate your time together even more.

With the nature of our jobs and summer schedules, being apart isn't anything new to us. And as I try my hardest to fall asleep tonight (I'm so pumped about tomorrow it might be awhile), I will whisper words of thanks to the Lord, for the faithfulness and provision he allows to abundantly fall in our life. It is going to be a memorable week.

Did I mention I don't miss my bachelor all.
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Friday, May 11, 2007

Too Much

Too many thoughts in my head to sort through this week. So instead of a real post, here's a few scattered pieces of what's going on in our world.

We spent an unbelievable weekend back in Oak Ridge, Tennessee doing a retreat for some of our good friends there. If there's one thing East Tennesseeans have got (besides gorgeous country) it's a knack for cooking good food. It seems all we ever do when we go visit is eat, and eat well. Lucky for me, the woman I married aquired some recipes and skills during her two years there, of which I am now reaping the benefits. Everything about the retreat was great: the lake house, kids, leaders, worship, games, and program. The Lord really blessed us with a "rich" weekend (more on that to come).

I came back early Sunday for a full day of events with the GCOC, including our last SNL of the year, coupled with a youth group family cookout. We had a great night being together and celebrating all the Lord accomplished this past school year. To highlight the night were two huge egg and waterballoon toss competitions, pitting parent/student teams against one another. Who knew such a silly game could be such a hit.

This afternoon we're headed to Abilene for Hannah and Kyle's graduation. This will be the first time we've been with much of our family since the wedding so we are really looking forward to a weekend in their good company. Nothing like a May weekend in Abilene and a trip to Joe Allen's!

And lastly, I've mentioned this many times before, but again in the craziness of this week I am overwhelmed by the constant faithfulness of the Lord. His provision and presence in our lives is perfect, for he keep opening doors and leading our lives in a way that is powerful and full of hope. Oh Lord, you have been good.
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