Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Love that demands a response

Check out Emily's blog link on the right, where she wrote about the wildfires in CA and how they're affecting some family and friends of ours. There's also a must-read article from the LA times.
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As I stood up in front of a room full of my high school friends Monday night, I felt a heavy anxiety lifted from my shoulders and the underlying excitement and peace fill my heart. It wasn't just another club talk, but the talk I always love to give, one that I had been chewing on since April. I had the incredible opportunity to tell my friends the amazing love story; the story of how Jesus willingly died on the cross for us.

Now to some it's a story we hear every spring on Easter; but for these kids I pray this story is so much more. I pray they'll know that:

-Jesus paid for something none of us could pay for ourself.

-Our separation from God has been bridged and a relationship with Him is a reality.

-Christ went to the cross not as a "victim, but as a volunteer."

-Jesus lived out what the Bible describes as true love--a man laying down his life for his friend.

-This love is so amazing that it demands a response.

-God knew they would hear it, and he loves them more than anyone they'll ever meet.

Have I mentioned how much I love doing Young Life? Thanks for your prayers.
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