Saturday, August 09, 2008


...I survived my first year of coaching and teaching. I mean I looked up one day and it was June 5th and I was locking up my classroom for the year. So crazy. The blurr of this past school year completely baffles me. Life seemed to be moving at a steady pace at the time, but it wasn't until this summer that I really slowed down enough to reflect on the year. Not just thinking about this or that, but to really chew on life and ministry and marriage and everything else.
So, I intend to process more this year. Because I think not only is doing so healthy and wise, but also reveals more depth in the simple rhythms of life. I was afforded ample time to do so this summer (our Assignment at Crooked Creek and vacation at the beach specifically), and now I feel it imperative to carve out time regularly for listening, contemplation, stillness as I begin another year of this calling. Hope that is ok.
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A few pics from our trip to Orange Beach, AL

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