Saturday, August 16, 2008

Still don't know

There is something Paul wrote to his friends in Colosse that I've been wrestling with this past year. Eight simple words that have challenged me beyond comfort, frustrated the mess out of me, and above all implored me to ponder all that I am.

"Walk in wisdom to them that are without." 4:5 KJV

The ideal isn't new. In fact, it was one of the foundational principles that Young Life founder Jim Rayburn built his life and ministry upon. Rayburn wasn't into evangelism for the sake of evangelism. He believed that one should consider prayerfully those without Christ, and instead of waiting on them to walk down some aisle we should initiate relevant steps in their direction. Seeking the "wisdom" of Christ in living your life as a missionary to those next door; a relational ministry in which the Spirit of Christ working in us reveals to our friends the One who provides real life.

So as I digest these words of Paul and watch upclose those engaged on the frontlines of ministry to lost high school students, I am left with this question. What in the world does teaching the Pythagorean Theorem to junior high students or coaching kids on the ins an outs of help-side defense have to do with Paul's command in Colossians? Well, even though I still don't know, I do have a hunch.

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