Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Make a List

i enjoy making lists. before i go on a trip, i make a list. when i go to walmart, i make a list. on mondays at the office, i make a list. i know, i'm a huge dork. but that's how i roll.

on friday night i decided to make a list, but one i had never attempted before. at the top of the page i wrote the words Him: why i love Jesus. i had been thinking about Him a lot that day, and wanted to get some of those thoughts down on paper. then i started listing all the things i love about Christ. before i knew it i found myself consumed with his presence, soaking up his Spirit. it turned out to be an incredible experience as it allowed me to truly examine who He is and what He means to me.

so here's what i'm thinking: today, tonight, sometime in the next 24 hours, take some time to think about/brainstrom/list out why or what you love about Jesus. ask yourself, "why do i love Him?" reflect, pray, mediate, whatever. but see what you come up with. then tomorrow, hopefully, we can ALL post our lists or ideas on here for others to share. it can be 2 words long, it can be 100 things. it can be words, phrases, names, events, people, whatever you want. search your heart and see what happens. and what an incredible blessing it will be to have all these reminders to carry us through out our days; to lift us up when we're down; to affirm our hope and spur us on to be like Christ. so set aside some time in the next day or two, and make a list. make a list, then come back and share it tomorrow. we'd all be blessed if you did.
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pic of the day (sunset in Crimea):

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Cal Benaglio said...

Can I also make a list of the reasons why I love Cody Blair?