Thursday, January 05, 2006

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

The image of Vince Young standing before the crowd in a sea of confetti lulled me to sleep last night (though I was so wired I didn't hit the sack until like 3am). Absolutely beautiful. There are so many amazing stories and feelings to sort through today that I've decided to post on the greatest football game I've ever seen next time so to allow time for proper reflection.

However, I feel this has to brought into the light. No one is talking about this and it must be said. I am strongly conVINCEd that what might have put UT over the top last night was knowing that Tommy Lee Jones and his Oscar-snubbed film "Man of the House" (an absolute masterpiece) released last year is what really began this run of destiny for the Horns.

I don't know why this important connection hasn't popped up on more radar screens. It's so obvious people--don't deny it.


Matt Foster said...

Unashamed I declared that I watched that film twice, of course that was in hopes that the second time through I might capture the point, but alas... nothing.

But who doesn't love Call with a bunch of cheerleaders?

Katey said...

Why am I not surprised that the two of you have seen that movie? Whatever it was that got the horns started though, I will say thank you.

Mason said...

I saw that Leinart thing, but I chalk that up to being in the heat of the moment, having the win just ripped from them. Plus, him and Bush went to the Longhorn locker room after the game to congratulate the Horns. Class act.

ashley lane said...

jennifer had just told me about the movie, as we were watching the game. then i read your blog today. how ironic. i have to see it now.